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  • Born in Birmingham, AL 1/16/63
  • Located to Raymond, GA (Coweta Co.) in 1974
  • Attended both East Coweta and Newnan High School
  • Graduated from Newnan High School in 1981
  • Accepted scholarship from Clayton Jr. College and Graduated w/ an A.S. in Biology in 1983
  • B.S. in Biology from the University of Alabama in 1985
  • D.M.D. from Medical Univ. of Southern Carolina in 1989 (recognized as most outstanding student government leader in 1989)
  • Returned to Coweta County in 1989


  • Coweta County Board of Health
  • Served on Bank of Coweta Board
  • Served on EMC Nominating Board
  • Served on CCCUB
  • Served on the Newnan City Council for 12 years
  • Member of Crossroads Church
  • Landmark School Board Chairman
  • Basketball, football and soccer Coach
  • Member of ADA, GDA and AGD
  • Life member of MUSC Alumni
  • Founding Family Kids Kastle Park
  • Member of Academy of Osteointegration
  • Married to Lorri Seals Swords
  • 4 children: Conner, Annie, Emmy Rose, Reeves

Dr. Philip Swords has worked for years with our Central Education Center.  Lt. Gov. Cagle’s focus on Georgia Career Academies with some excerpts from Dr. Swords.


  • Community Involvement
  • Playing B-Ball, Soccer
  • Outdoors
  • Boating
  • Playing with my family
  • Music



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